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Hair – the material is malleable, and in the hands of the master it can acquire completely unimaginable forms. With the help of haircuts or hairstyles, it is advantageous to stand out in the general mass, or attract the attention of a particular person. Looks well-groomed head of hair, falling down over her shoulders, and collected in a hairdress – gives the lady a truly aristocratic look.

All women know that a successful military hair cut will hide any flaws in the face and emphasize femininity. This is one of the main components of female beauty. Any person, regardless of gender and age, can learn to make chic hairstyles, enough desire, creativity and a little taste. Courses of hairdressers will give you the necessary skills and knowledge.


The choice of military hair cut, based on the types of face

     1. Women with a round type face should choose a military hair cut that gently frames its contours. Make a small bang or at all refuse it to visually extend the face.

     2. For an oval type, a large number of hairstyles are suitable. When choosing haircuts, start from the individual features of the face: it can be a small nose or a low forehead.

     3. To obladatelnitsam of the extended type it is necessary to stop a choice on a hairdress of a square, it is possible to make a bean. The best length will be short or medium hair. You can make a small straight bang to visually reduce the size of the face.

     4. For a flat type it is necessary to choose hairstyles, a significant part of which is collected on the back of the head. Women with these faces fit large curls.

The tricks of hairdressers

If you have a long nose, do not wear smoothly combed hair and do not put them in a bundle. You need to make a small volumetric bang and pick up hair with curls.
At a small nose do not do a bang absolutely, prefer a hairdress from small ringlets.
People with large facial features should choose hairstyles, which are stacked in large waves. You will be treated to a calm hairstyle without large naches and other excesses.
Women with small features should stop on the wave. Small curls will look very organically, small curls will become your decoration.
Choosing a military hair cut may seem difficult. But over time, you can accurately pick up successful haircuts not only to yourself, but to other people.

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